Saturday, 18 June 2011

HELP with Translations needed PLEASE !

With 648 visitors from various countries it will be easier for them to UNDERSTAND the purpose of this site IF it was in their Language !

Fortunately this weekend has allowed me an Opportunity to do some work on improving the VISIBILITY of this site .

At Grindewald i offered TEAM LEoPARD the control of the site BUT it appears they have not YET decided on this . With the Tour de France fast approaching i see very little chance to do the JOB of running this site in the best way possible .

PLEASE ASSIST by rendering "translations" in the comment section so as to reach even more people who will wish to join in Remembering Wouter and do SOMETHING POSITIVE IN HIS MEMORY !

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

HILL 108 is Passo Mendola

As we ride we think about so many things and upper most in our minds is "How great it is to be alive and in the great outdors" !

There are many not as fortunate as us and spare a thought for them !

" Disability is not a crime "(saw this on a poster in Sestriere )  but so few of us consider their plight . "There but for the grace of God go we "!

Wouter was a Cycle Racer who had a great career ahead of him and in Stage 3 of the 2011 Giro d'Italia left a wife and unborn child whilst racing on the Passo del Bocco . To the dismay of us all he did not survive the crash .

As you ride the Passo Mendolo think of him and of those who are disabled through Injury or Illness and return to Cycling whether for exercise or competition . Many that are returning from injury have been in "Harm's Way "in the service of their country . Organisations such as "WWPinc "and "Help4Heroes" deserve your support . So also do those that aspire to compete in the Paralympics but in the interim are training and ompeting at a lower level .

Sign the book in the bar of the "Hotel Dolomiti" and add your comments so as to encourage others and as you use Twitter , Facebook or other Social Media broadcast the message so that others can join this project . At this time the numbers are small but from "Acorns grow Mighty Oaks ".

Twitter address is @hill108 and will be adding  other contact points in the near future !

Those with other languages please Translate and forward that version to :